Product Overview

Lodge Helper(TM) is a Lodge Membership Management System developed to “ensure that Lodge History is not lost to history” and is being used by many Lodges.

The purpose is to organize, automate and synchronize Lodge business processes - activities, such as District Deputy Grand Master reporting, Lodge Secretary reports, new petitions, reinstatement, and detailed information for each Lodge Member.

It empowers District Deputy Grand Masters, Worshipful Masters and Secretaries to make faster decisions by bringing timely actionable data to them instantly. Its reporting platform is built around Lodge business intelligence; such as membership and Quarterly Returns using an intuitive dashboard and interactive reports so users can view data in meaningful and different ways.

You can make the filing of paper forms obsolete and have current information about the Lodge or Grand Lodge, its membership records, and reports, mailing labels, meeting records, dues payments, and so much more are the working tools awaiting your Lodge Secretaries.

Using the Grand Master or Grand Secretary Role, you can see the yearly Lodges' activities. Lodge Secretaries can see only their own Lodge data. District Deputy Grand Masters can see data only for their assigned Lodges. Worshipful Masters can view their Lodge data with no edit ability and no access to the Secretaries Reports Menu as those duties are the responsibility of the Secretary. This documentation is divided into several User Roles.

Member Services Overview with data replication to other bodies

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